We are very lucky to have with us all of next week Professor Sergio Rey, from Arizona State University (USA). As part of his visit, he will be giving the following talk:

Who: Professor Serge Rey
When: Thursday March 2nd, 2017; 2pm
Where: South Campus Teaching Hub, Lecture Theatre 3 (SCTH-LT3) [Map].

Spatial Distribution Dynamics with PySAL

This talk will provide an overview of recent work on spatial distribution dynamics considering the evolution of cross-sectional spatial distributions over time. Families of new analytics based on rank concordance and discrete Markov chains are discussed, and derived analytics for global and local spatio-temporal clustering are presented with a particular focus on regional income inequality dynamics in the US. The implementation of these analytics in the open source library PySAL is also presented.

About Sergio Rey

Sergio Rey is Professor of Computational Spatial Science, School of Geographical Sciences and Urban PlanningCollege of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Interim Director of the Center for Geographical Information Science, both at Arizona State University.

Rey’s research and teaching interests focus on the development, implementation, and application of advanced methods of spatial and space-time data analysis. His substantive foci include regional inequality, convergence and growth dynamics as well as neighborhood change, segregation dynamics, spatial criminology and industrial networks. Recent and current research projects include new methods for spatial distribution dynamics (NSF), an analysis of the relationships between spatial linkages and urban economic dynamics (EDA), flexible geospatial visual analytics and simulation technologies to enhance criminal justice decision support systems (NIJ), spatial analytical framework for examining community sex offender residency issues over space and time (NSF), and cyberGIS software integration for sustained geospatial innovation (NSF). Rey is the creator and lead developer of the open source package STARS: Space-Time Analysis of Regional Systems as well as co-founder and lead developer of PySAL: A Python Library for Spatial Analysis. He  served as the Editor of the International Regional Science Review from 1999-2014. In 2014 he became editor of Geographical Analysis and the president of the Western Regional Science Association. He is the recipient of the 2016 University Consortium for Geographic Information Science Research Award. Rey is a fellow of the Spatial Econometrics Association and an elected Fellow of the Regional Science Association International.

More about Serge.


Please spread the word and see you there!!!