The first Session of the “Learning Machine Learning Open Workgroup” (LMLow for short) will take place on October 13th. at 3pm at the Conference Room of the 4th. Floor, Roxby Building. This will be a bit of a different session in that it’ll be pretty introductory. Dani Arribas-Bel (@darribas) and Mark Green (@markalangreen) will present the case for a LMLow and will discuss how the rise of new forms of data is redifining the questions we ask from data and how we analyse them.


To kick things off, we’ll have a single reading:


  • When: Friday, October 13th. 3pm.
  • Where: Conference room, Roxby Building, 4th. floor.
  • How Please RSVP at the Event page.

Any questions, comments or feedback, please get in touch with Dani at D.Arribas-Bel [at]